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"David was involved in buying and selling over
£100 million worth of luxury properties."

About Dave Marsh

David’s ability to motivate and unlock individuals talents and expertise gives him the opportunity to travel to every corner of the world although without doubt he prefers the warmer weather.

David is an extremely focused individual who's competitive edge is clear to see whether starting a new business or playing you at a game of table tennis he is out to win.

David comes from a strong family unit with his parents and particularly his mother being a successful businesswoman and more importantly a successful role model. David also has 2 older sisters who have encouraged their brother’s pursuits with unprecedented support over the years. Uncle to Cody, Jasmine, Caitlin, Isabelle and Zac, David is a big family man and even finds time to take his 90-year old Gran out dancing as she’s a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan.

David’s ultimate ambition is ……………… well let’s put it this way, it keeps getting bigger and better with every passing day.